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CX Roundtable (Summer Roundtable June, 2021).

On Thursday 17th of June 2021, CX-Brussels hosted a CX Round Table. The speaker of this exclusive event was rudi deruytter, CEO of CKV Bank. Rudi spoke about the future of banking. The keynote was based on his latest book “How banks can solve their burn-out”. Rudi focused on the unique role that banks need to play in the future and what the importance of digitization & customer experience will be.

Turn your Customers into Hyperfans (April, 2021)

CX-Brussels hosted this event keynoted by James Dodkins in April. How do you turn your Customers into Hyperfans? James answered this question incisively by sharing ideas, tactics and strategies that he learned in his career in music that had led to extreme devotions in fans thus making them Hyperfans.

The ROI of Customer Experience (April, 2021).

CX-Brussels co-hosted this event together with Officium Labs and CX-Centric. A detailed presentation was done by Nate Brown which was littered with eye-opening case studies concerning the ROI of Customer Experience.

Driving Media Subscriptions through Customer Experience (March 2021).

CX-Brussels co-hosted this event together with CX-Centric. The keynote speakers(Ali Lichtenstein and Alana Matos) of this online event shared incisively about how their respective companies have won with CX in media to transform their subscriptions from print to digital publications.

Workshop: EX for Remote Workers

This was a private Workshop were Employee Experience was discussed on at length.

The Art and Science of Storytelling (January 2020)

CX Brussels co-hosted this event with CX Centric which was the first event of the year 2021. An all-encompassing presentation was done by Keith Kmett who left no stone unturned concerning storytelling.

Workshop: CX Analysis

This was a private Member workshop were various techniques of Customer Experience Analysis were discussed extensively.

Banking on the Future: Framing a new vision for service in Banking (December 2020).

As part of CX Centric Conversations, this was surely an event which was much anticipated by our attendees as Banking has become the new buzzword.

Co-Creating the Employee Experience to Drive Business Growth ( October 2020).

An eye-opening event( hosted by CX Centric ) it was, as Sharon Boyd the keynote speaker brought out a clear link between Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX).

Autumn Round Table (Oct 2020)

Our first roundtable starring Jurgen Ingels. Strategic insights and discussion around the future of Customer Experience.

Bridging Customer Experience and Customer Success (September 2020).

With the multi-experienced Sue Moore, the so much needed information concerning bridging the two most important aspects of doing business thus Customer Experience and Customer Success were extensively discussed in this event.

Building a Holistic Customer Experience Practice (August 2020)

With this event hosted by CX Centric, some of the proven solutions to get it right with CX were discussed. Part of these solutions in building a holistic CX practice included using the so much effective CX Centric framework.

What is the ROI of CX? (July 2020)

A very interesting event it was with a deep discussion on what ROI really consists of when it comes to CX.

How have your Customers’ needs changed? (May 2020)

In this event, various customer changes which have occurred in different industries were deliberated upon.

CX during a Pandemic (April 2020)

During this event, some of the most well thought out solutions were discussed upon which provided insights to attendees on how they could adapt successfully to customer experience duties during a pandemic.

CX Resolutions (28th Jan 2020)

Smashing event held at the Oracle CX Center. Joined by Naeem Arif and Sue Nabeth Moore.

Let’s Define CX Together (Sept 2019)

This was the inaugaral event of CX Brussels. With some fantastic speakers. Sponsored by Prodware.

CX Adoption Webinar (Dec 2019)

On 10th Dec 2019 we had a webinar on Customer Experience and Adoption and Accountability.

Driving Media Subscriptions through CX Transforming from Print to Digital (March, 2021)

On the 10th of March 2021 CX-Centric hosted a very insightful event where CX in Media was discussed on.

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