Autumn Round Table: Starring Jürgen Ingels

About our Keynote Speaker: Jürgen Ingels

In 2001 Jurgen founded Clear2Pay , a financial technology company . Clear2Pay grew into an international company with offices in more than twenty countries and 1,200 employees. In 2014 Clear2Pay was sold to FIS . After the sale of his company, he returned to venture capital.

Jurgen has recently released his book 50 lessen voor ondernemers (50 lessons for entrepreneurs), where he gives concrete and practical tips on how to take your company to the next level.

Agenda for the evening

  • 18h30: Welcome (private room – 1st floor) 
  • 18h45-18h50: Introduction (by CX-Brussels) 
  • 18h50-19h30: Keynote Jürgen Ingels on ‘digital entrepreneurship’ 
  • 19h30-20h: Round Table on ‘digital transformation’ + Wrap-up 
  • 20h-21h45: Dinner (Guest Table, with a view on Comme Chez Soi’s kitchen) 

Discussion Points

  • What does digital transformation really means for your business?  
  • Transformation means change, what’s the impact on your company’s culture? Employees? 
  • Digital transformation? Are you Customer driven or not?   

Practical information

  • The governments Covid-19 guidelines are being followed
  • This event is exclusively available to enterprise members

Our Keynote Speaker: Jürgen Ingels

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