Our Mision

The mission of CX-Brussels is to support professionals in the Customer Experience domain. Providing them with a platform to exchange experiences and network, broaden their professional knowledge, and advance their careers. 

We bring people together to discuss “customer experience”, share new insights and best practices, and create great experiences doing so.​

 This includes: 

  • Organizing continuous education via events, training sessions, meetings, workshops, round tables, etc. 
  • Representing its members in all authorities insofar as this benefits its members.  
  • Collaborating with entities pursuing one or more of these goals. 
  • Being involved, directly or indirectly, in activities that benefit the association. 
  • Publishing publications. 

What sets us apart?

  • We understand the importance of customer experience, and hence we put our full focus on CX.
  • We want to share insights across all aspects of the customer journey 
  • We have an active community of members who support the organisation 
  • Our events cater to all CX stakeholders: C-level, higher management, industry professionals, and beginners 
  • An international network – bringing in experts from around the world 
  • A real office in Brussels 

Contact Us

CX Brussels vzw/asbl
Avenue Louise 367
Brussels , CA 1050

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